About Us


Aparna Meditronics Pvt. Ltd. Was incorporated in the year 1986 in Hyderabad. It is a family oriented company with its promoters having acquired education in the field of hearing orientation and exposure to commercial application.

They have had their education from Mumbai. In 1994, the company extended its activities to Pune, and have been in existence since then.

The company’s main thrust was in the field of distribution of audio-logical instruments and has represented various foreign companies in India on an exclusive basis for years together.

The company had installations all over the country in prestigious hearing institutes, hospitals, etc. and has carried out both sales and service. It did hearing aid sales and created a network on a secondary basis.

It sized out its operations in 2011 owing to fulfil commitments other than the one in professional sphere and having been concentrating on dispensation of hearing aids to patients – clinic activities.

It was in 2011, the company was selected as one of the 3 companies for fitting and distribution of hearing aids to people hard on hearing, institutions, government departments all over Maharashtra. Since 2015 have been dispensing Hearing aids both Oticon and Intertone

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