Hearing Check-up

We offer the best suitable hearing aid as per your hearing loss. Get the better understanding of your hearing health.


Audiometry is used to check the level of hearing loss. Impedance audiometry is an effective method based on the measurement of the pressure in the middle ear, stapedius reflexes, and tension of tympanic membrane.

Impedance Audiometry Test

We assess the functioning of the middle ear and also evaluate acoustic reflex pathways through impedance audiometry test.

Mould Making

In certain cases, you need ear molds for your hearing aids. To make ear molds, casts of the ear canals must be made so that the ear molds fit properly into the ear. The procedure does not hurt but it may feel a bit strange – your ears are filled with water. The cast is then used to make the actual ear mold.

Sales & Service

We help our end users with customized and recommended and help them purchase the most appropriate and pocket friendly hearing aid.

Home Visit

We provide home visit facility for senior citizens with hearing test and hearing aid trial.

Hearing Aid

The latest advancement in hearing aid technology to provide superior sound clarity and comfortable fitting.